Your Master is Gone​.​.​.

by Kroni

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4 tracks EP recorded in 2011 at Caffeine Sound Studio. São Paulo/Brazil.

Bonga - Vocals
Ale - Guitars & Vocals
Renato RG - Bass
Tiago - Drums

Total DIY.


released June 24, 2013




The Kroni Sao Paulo, Brazil

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Track Name: Weight of the Sky
All gone!
All gone!
All gone!
All gone!

I saw the sky fall when the sun fell asleep.
I saw your fear when they had nowhere to run.
And I see that all, all gone.

Destined to wander on the ruins of the box.
Where all my questions are now answered by the wind.
I feel now the weight of the sky.

Feel now, the pressure of another night
Feel now, the sun start to burn again.

Feel now the weight of sky.
Track Name: Born to Die
"The humans are all animals,
animals defending their territory, their similar.
It´s a mistake vociferate our superiority.
We say fuck off to our race, we don´t care.
We destroy the environment, we are capitalists.
I´m ashamed of exist. I born to die.
I don´t die because the few others, the few others I like."

I knew a man, he was depressed and weak.
He has no dreams.
Wife is dead, he has a seven year son,
the only reason to stay alive.

Germany, 41, horrendous war is running out. (has no dreams).
He is not a lifelover, he prefer die to kill.
But the love don´t let him commit suicide.

The conflict was insane.
He killed enemies far away.
After death he don´t pray.

Booze, Wehrmacht, try to feel alive.

After seven years, he return with a destructed mind.
Don´t see his son, kiiled by pneumonia.

Why he kill? Why he fight?

Put the gun in your head!
Pull the trigger now!
Put the gun in your head!
Pull the trigger now!
Put the gun in your head!
Pull the trigger now!
Put the gun in your head!
Pull the trigger now!

Now he is in peace.
Track Name: Dope War
Straight lines no more.
Back where I belong.
A life between the shadows.
Agony burns my mind.
My brain is not in evolution.
Life wake my feelings.
All I want is a trip to reduce my grief.

Dope War

Lungs start to close.
Stomach, intestine, liver, dead.
A scumbag wrapped into nausea.

Dope War

Eat is a torment.
Turn off is bitter.
A putrid and anemic body.

Pain in my neurons.
if I can´t take it anymore.
(please!) Call the goat when I die.
I want my last deathgasm.

Dope War
Track Name: Death of your Light
Why walk if you´ll never reach?
Stop look into yourself, busy with peace.

Will you continue your eternal search?
Behind the words of pain, on the dreams of an island.

You were fooled, your master is gone.
Wasting your verses, behind the sacred book.

The death of your light.
Spirit far away from you.

Why walk if you´ll never reach?
Will you continue?
Your master is gone.

Now see the light.
Far away from you.
Your Father promises.
Now fade to black...